Sellas Laser

True Second Generation Fractional Laser

  • The SellasTM is a true second generation fractional laser offering unique clinical advantage over any other laser in its class. Now you can treat a wider range of indications more effectively in less time.
  • The fractional technology which is called as the best invention in this century and more advanced technologies are adopted in SellasTM. The fractionized beams not only trigger the healing process of the skin, but also keep the tissues around the coagulation zone. These drive the better clinical result and make less downtimes and side effects.

Random Sprayed Beam SystemTM

The patented Sellas Random Sprayed Beam SystemTM (RSBS) delivers multiple clinical advantages with less patient discomfort and downtime. Beams are irradiated in alternating direction, giving the skin time to cool between subsequent beams. This offers the advantage of helping to decrease the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) and other side effects that sometimes occur after treatments.

Shaped Beam Selection SystemTM

The Sellas Shaped Beam Selection SystemTM make selecting specific treatment areas easy. Frequently treated areas and protocols can be quickly selected and even irregular areas can be set up treated simply and realiaby using the interactive fingertrip controls.

Comparison with former Skin Rejuvenation vs. SellasTM Thermal Peeling

Non-ablative Skin Rej.

Ablative Skin Rej

Sellas Thermal Peeling

Usually requires multiple treatments.

Better results than NSR on single treatment. But with extended downtime and greater risk of infection.

Improved clinical results.

Often requires more that five treatments at three to four weeks intervals to achieve desired results.

PIH common after two or more moments.

Virtually no downtime or risk associated with treatments

Easy to care

Hard to care

Multiple indications can be treated at one time


Sellas Thermal PeelingTM

A photothermolysis method which can denature to the depth of the papillary dermis (which has smaller collagen bundles, greater cellularity, and higher destiny in its vascular elements as compared to the reticular dermis) with sufficient densities enough to affect the transdermal delivery of the skin clinically. This method can deliver maximum effectiveness while minimizing adverse effects.

Key Benefits

The SellasTM system penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate natural remodeling from the inside-releasing the natural beauty in you.

Better clinical outcomes. Because the SellasTM gives you more control and allows you to treat a wider range of indications with a clear, easy-to-use interface, treatment programs are be more effective and easier to manage. And with better clinical outcomes, patient statisfaction level increase.

Greater Flexibility. Treat a wider range of indications with only one machine, reducing capital outlay, training and treatment times for a rapid return on your investment.

Faster treatment cycles with less downtime. With better control at your fingerprints and improved randomization technology patients feel less discomfort, can be treated more frequently and see better results.