Female Treatment (V Tightening)

it's a new treatment that increases its popularity nowadays.

Life processes like aging, birth, weight fluctuation and hormonal changes can effect vaginal tissue.The wall of the vagina loses collagen, thinner, reduces its elasticity and blood supply.

The result are the vagina loses its hydration, lubricant and changes in the natural balance of the internal environment, symptoms that might happened such as

- Dryness

- Itchy

- Uncomfortable(or painful) sexual intercourse

- Urinary problem

- Vaginal laxity

The costs of these conditions may negatively affects the quality of life and self - confidence of a woman in a general well being and in her intimate relationship.

DON'T BE AFRAID! With our technology, now it is possible

for every woman to have the solution to these conditions.This treatment is a personal, safe, fast, non invasive, painless, no significant downtime and effective treatment, that is suitable

for almost all women with a long lasting improvement.